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Buy RU486 Pill (Cheap Price) - Generic Mifepristone Pill

Buy RU486 Pill (Cheap Price) - Generic Mifepristone Pill

Generic Mifepristone Pill - RU486 Pill

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A brief description of RU486 Pill (Mifepristone Pill)

RU486 Pill (Mifepristone Pill) is a renowned medication that is intended to be used for the annihilation of pregnancy of 49 to 63 days or less. RU486 Pills encloses of Mifepristone that is an effective and safe method for an abortion to takes place.

Mechanism of action of RU486 Pill (Mifepristone Pill)

Mifepristone present in RU486 Pill has an antiprogesterone activity and therefore causes the blockage of progesterone receptors. This further responsible for the endometrial decidual degeneration, and softening and dilation of cervical, which results in the release of endogenous prostaglandins, and a boost in the sensitivity of the myometrium due to the contractile effects of prostaglandins. It causes detachment of trophoblast and thereby helps in the termination of pregnancy.

The dosage regimen of RU486 Pill (Mifepristone Pill)

On the first day, a woman should take three tablets of Mifepristone 200mg orally with ample quantity of water. After two days, the woman has to take a visit to the hospital for checking the complete termination of pregnancy. If the abortion is not done then the women have to take two tablets of Misoprostol either orally or vaginally. Again wait for 2 days and then consult your doctor for the confirmation of the termination of pregnancy.

Contraindications of RU486 Pill (Mifepristone Pill)

  • If a patient notices any kind of allergic or hypersensitivity reactions to Mifepristone or any other component present in RU486, then the patient should stop taking this medication.

Precautions while taking RU486 Pill (Mifepristone Pill)

  • In the case of ectopic pregnancy or a pregnancy outside the uterus, a woman should not take RU486 Pill (Mifepristone Pill).
  • If a woman has IUCD, then the women should not take RU486 Pill (Mifepristone Pill).
  • If you have a kidney problem, cardiovascular problem, liver problem, bleeding disorder, hemostatic disorder, anemia, mental disorder, then you have to stop taking RU486 Pill.
  • You should avoid consuming alcoholic drinks and smoking while taking RU486 Pill ( Mifepristone Pill).
  • In case, a woman experiences unusual and undesired heavy vaginal bleeding, then the woman should immediately stop taking this medication and should go to a doctor for consultation.

Side effects of RU486 Pill (Mifepristone Pill)

Some common side effects of RU486 Pill ( Mifepristone Pill) include a headache, nausea, uterine bleeding, stomach cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, weakness, and fever.

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Surely reliable pills
Review by Layla
This abortion pill is very reliable and work exactly same as said,effectively and safely.
(Posted on 6/5/18)

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