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What erectile dysfunction is?

Having loose erection during act of intimacy is called erectile dysfunction. In men’s world, this is a serious issue making their love life run to a rough road. During this powerless erection conditions, it becomes impossible for a male to complete a physical intercourse satisfactorily. Results of this health condition in the personal relationship cause psychological effects on the male making him less confident and depressed.   

The condition of erectile dysfunction is quite common globally and so does solutions for treatment of it. Some men with erectile dysfunction, tends to choose medications to get back their active intimate love life while some prefer to get complete treatment for the underline health condition that is causing ED. The choice is made on the grounds of various factors such as oral pills like solutions can offer instant relief whereas through treatment of underline health condition can take comparatively longer duration to provide with desired improvements.

However, here it is to be clear that oral medications for treatment of ED are not intent to provide with any healing on the underline health condition causing difficulties in sexual life.

Despite this fact, people all around the globe happily choose oral medications for recovering energetic love life because it is a simplest form of treatment that is quite easy to adapt in routine life. Moreover, these oral medications are approved to be used for the purpose by world’s most trusted health societies including the U.S. FDA.

What oral pills are available?

Largely, the oral pills for managing poor penile performances work on similar formula of relaxing muscles in the genitals and boosting blood flow to make natural erections. A male can expect easier to get and maintain erection following the use of one pill a day in the predefined manner of use.

Mainly there are four salts that are sold in various brand and generic versions and some time sin combination as an oral ED management pills.





 At OnlineChemistShop, you can find authentic ED medications along with certain other forms of treatments for managing the conditions. You can also choose to use sprays for getting a sturdy erection instantly such as

Note: ED medications are not valid treatment for those males who are taking nitrate pills such as nitroglycerin or a similar form of drugs for angina or chest pain. The concomitant use of both products can cause dangerously low blood pressure.

You can read the cautions related to oral ED pills in details at our products pages and blogs for complete understanding and safe use.

 How to choose the appropriate oral ED pills? Are there differences in them?

On a broader view, all ED pills work similarly and helps to get firm erections when used followed by sensual stimulations. However, you can find minor difference in the duration of its medical effectiveness in your body and how fast it helps to get you high and horny. Other than it, you have to consider your body’s suitability with the medication as some salts may cause sensitivity in any individuals while other can provide with desired results. It would be best to start oral ED pill after a proper medical consultation.

In general, Levitra pills starts to provide with improved erection performance in about 30 minutes of intake and its effectiveness can last for up to 5 hours. Whereas, another product with similar salt Staxyn instantly get dissolve in blood stream of mouth and can help you get proper erection in just 15 minutes.

Generic Sildenafil products take around 30 minutes to become effective and user can enjoy improved erectile performances for about 4 hours. Another product called Cialis is known for its long lasting performances that can stay up for 36 hours in some cases.

So, an individual statics and adjustability with oral ED pills matters while selecting an appropriate product. A medical advice can make your trouble easy as there are many products to choose from the category. Following a consultation, you can order your prescription with us. Here you can search world class authentic oral ED pills and save money with our discounted pricing.

 What if you want to switch your ED medications?

This is the common question that every regular oral ED product user wants to know. Yes, definitely you can switch your ED products as per your liking. You can also try ED sprays to know what work better according to your schedule and other unwanted effects on body. Be attentive to note the minor to major results following the use of new product so that side effects can be notified in the early stage. Commonly, people don’t get any trouble while switching to other ED products.

What are common cautions to mind while using oral ED pills?

  • Firstly, ED medications are contraindicated along with any form of nitrate containing medication for treating any underline health condition such as angina or chest pain. If you are medically restricted for active intimate life, you should not use any products listed under ED medications.
  • Also, make sure to start an oral ED pill or other form of medication after checking the contents of it. Using any medication that has contents for causing allergic reactions as per your medical history is not advisable including ED medications.
  • It is your duty to clearly mention all other medical products to your doctor at the time of discussion for appropriate ED treatment so that possibilities of drug interactions can be sidelined in the initial stage.
  • Also, notify using of ED medications if you are scheduled for surgery, even dental surgery.
  • Use of certain medications along with oral ED pills can cause drug interaction such as alpha-blockers for blood pressure or medications for prostate related health issues etc. Concomitant use of both can result in causing dangerously low blood pressure.
  • The end line is, always make sure to continue your medication as directed and prescription label warnings.

Get complete details of precautions and guidelines related to all products at respective product pages.
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