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Are you feeling discomfort with muscle pain? Then use Pain O Soma to cure it.


Soma is a muscle relaxant that acts mostly by blocking the pain feelings between nerves and brain. Soma having generic name of Carisoprodol is used to aid muscle pain and discomfort. 

Pain or ache is described by a person who is experiencing it. Pain is a human experience. Defining pain has been a challenge. It is a physical consciousness which is caused by the injury or any illness. The illness may be mental illness or Physical illness. It is a complex, personal phenomenon that a horrible sensory and emotional experience that can be associated with tissue damage. Pain indicates that something is wrong in our body and it is feeling triggered in the nervous system. It is helpful to diagnose some severe problems by interfering in daily work of a person.

Pain is classified into two types:

Acute pain:  It last for a short period. The time period may be a few minutes to few weeks.

Chronic pain: It can be a result of accident, trauma and it can last for few months for a long period.

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Pain o soma (Carisoprodol) is used to kill the pain in muscles or discomfort. It helps the muscles to relax. The mechanism of action for Carisoprodol is exactly not known. The action of Carisoprodol in animals involves muscle relaxation in interneuronal activity in the spinal cord and reticular formation of the brain.

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What are the dosage conditions to be followed?

The dosage is based on medical condition and disease to treat. It is available in 250mg and 350mg and it can be administered at 3 times a day and bedtime(Totally 4 times). It is available in tablet form. It can be administered orally with a glass of water.

It is a habit forming drug (addiction) and most of the physicians can prescribe this for a short period. If overdose observed: Contact your physician immediately and allow them to clean the dose present in your body.

Side effects of pain o soma include:

Sedation, headache, drowsiness, dizziness, chest pain, chills, cough, cold sweats, confusion and convulsion in some may be observed.

Blurred vision change in consciousness, hallucinations, inability to move the eyes, unusual bleeding etc., may occur.

Drug Interactions can change the action of your drug and they may increase the risk for side effects.

You can inform your doctor,

Usage of those products causes drowsiness including alcohol, antihistamines(like cetirizine),drugs for sleep such as (Alprazolam) and other muscle relaxants cannot suggest in case if you are using Pain o soma.

Administration of CYP2C19 inhibitors such as Omeprazole can cause increased exposure of Carisoprodol. Administration of CYP2C19 along with Pain o soma causes decrease exposure to Carisoprodol.

Precautionary measures for Pain o soma

As it causes sedation you should not drive after administration of this drug.

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